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1, 2.5 lb. Bag of Oatmeal

One 2.5 pound bag of our award winning Christine & Rob's Oatmeal.

The slow-toasted, nutty flavor of our award-winning oatmeal is enjoyed worldwide.  Slow-toasted means it's roasted like a coffee bean for hours, not steamed in a giant vat in seconds. This brings out a rich, chewy goodness that will start your day off right.

Our oatmeal is all-natural! The only ingredient in the box is 100% rolled oats! 

1, 2.5 lb. Bag of Oatmeal

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All-Natural & Toasted to Perfection

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For more than two decades, Christine & Rob's oatmeal has been a part of breakfasts around the world.

It's slow-toasted like a gourmet coffee bean to bring about it's hearty, nutty, rich flavor.

Try it and you'll understand why our customers have been loyal "oatmealaholics" for years on end.