Dad’s Wonderful Waffles

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Submitted by: Bill Bartell

Spokane, Washington 

A fluffy, family favorite from Rob's father 

Ingredients & Directions

3 C Christine & Rob’s Pancake and Crepe mix

2 Eggs 1 Tbsp. Corn meal

1 12oz can of beer or ginger ale

1 1/2 C Water  

Separate egg yolks from egg white and put into two medium size bowls (yolks in one bowl, whites in the other).  Mix egg yolks, corn meal and water.  Whisk in Christine & Rob’s Pancake and Crepe mix.  Next, add beer or ginger ale.  In separate bowl beat egg whites.  Then slowly fold egg whites into pancake batter.

Dad (alias William Bartell) says the secret to a perfect waffle is to spray vegetable oil on both sides of the waffle iron and then cook the batter until it has either stopped steaming or the waffle is lightly brown in the corner.

These waffles are also great for dessert with fresh berries and ice cream!

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